herald International school

Who We Are

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Why Herald International School?

Herald International School provides quality education in a supportive and friendly environment. Herald International School offer a broad and balanced approach to learning for students from Year 1 to Year 11 based on the National Curriculum of England that enables all our students to reach their potential as learners. Lessons are carefully differentiated to give individual and personal attention to students with special challenges.

Herald International School offers a unique international experience for students. Whilst emphasis is placed on their own culture and traditions, students also learn to appreciate the diversity the world has to offer and will be enriched by a variety of ideas and views.

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Our Aim To Offer

Our children are encouraged to be creative and therefore every opportunity is taken to develop their confidence, knowledge, self-esteem and life skills through technology, physical education and the creative and performing arts.

The academic needs of our children are supported by our very good personal and social education. Children are encouraged and taught to have a responsible and caring attitude towards one another.


Lakhvinder Bansal

School Principal

Herald International School helps give children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead confident, healthy and in- dependent lives and to become informed, active and responsible cit- izens.

We attach maximum importance to the standard of the faculty mem- bers employed at the Herald International School. We firmly believe that a school is not known by the building structures or its settings, but by the excellence of its faculty


Gurjit Bansal

School Manager


A preview of the upcoming  In-School activities lined up for the students over the course of a single term.


Picture РPerfect snapshots of students in action; in essence to both in and out of class activities